We are Vegans, who’s love for animals far exceed simply not eating them!


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Buying Vegan isn’t just about cruelty free! It’s about helping the planet!


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Cruelty Free Fashion Show & Anti-Fur Society Vegan Conference 2017

The Anti-Fur Society Conference and Vegan Fashion Show presents special opportunities for ethical fashion traders, designers, models and beauticians to showcase their products. This year will be bigger and better, as they continue to show the public that beauty and elegance do not need to hurt sentient beings!


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An event by One Protest: Fur Free Friday, an annual event that takes place after Thanksgiving aims to call attention to the horrors suffered by fur-bearing animals and ultimately abolish the fur trade. The animal rights movement through protests, education and promotion of cruelty free fashion gives voice to the millions of animals who suffer and die each year. The Fur Free Friday protest was on November 25 2016, and held at the Jacksonville Avenues Mall. To learn more about One Protest and additional advocacy visit their Facebook page. 

If you would like to join Swanky Vegan and hundreds of other animal rights advocates this April 1st for the Miracle March for Lolita in Miami or London, please click HERE for more info.

Rebecca Mink of Mink Vegan Shoes

Say Hello to Vegan Shoe Designer, Rebecca Mink.

Mink is a luxury vegan shoe line that sidesteps leather for eco-friendly, animal free materials. Dazzling and unabashedly sexy, Mink Shoes are machine-tested for durability, and outlast their conventional counterpart thanks to Italian engineering. Click to learn more..

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Say Hi to GUNAS, High Fashion Vegan Handbags.

If you’ve been looking for quality made vegan handbags, try GUNAS. GUNAS bags have received countless accolades and awards including the best handbag brand in the category of ethics and cruelty-free, by the Ethical Fashion Forum in London, UK. Click to learn more…